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Player Evaluations

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Evaluations are an important part of the Little League process. First thing we want you all to know is all players who try out will be placed on a team. The evaluation process serves two main processes: 1) Allows the major and junior league managers to see all the players in the league. These managers will get together after player evaluations are complete to draft their teams. Once a player is drafted to a major league team the player will remain on that team until they move up to the next level of Little League. 2) Allows other manager and coaches to evaluate all players and grade them on a) Running b) Throwing c) Fly Balls d) Ground Balls and e) Hitting. These evaluations are then used to assign all players not selected to a major league team to a minor league team. The minor league teams are not drafted but assigned by grades the managers assigned to the players. When it all works out each minor league team has an approximate equal level of talent assigned.

What To Bring

All players must bring their own glove, if you have a batting helmet and bat you may bring those. We will have batting helmets and bats available.

How Will Players Be Evaluated

Most all player evaluations are basically the same, each player will be evaluated in 5 main areas:
  1. Running
  2. Throwing
  3. Fly Balls
  4. Ground Balls
  5. Batting
How these areas are evaluated may change slightly based on the person running the evaluations, but a typical sessions may go something like this:
Players sign in and get a Try Out Number and start warming up many manager will start watching during warmups to see how the player throws playing catch.
Ground Balls - All players get three-five balls hit to them at shortstop, they field the ball and throw to first.
Fly Balls - All players go to outfield and get three-five balls hit to them and they throw to second
This covers the 2,3 and 4 in the 5 areas above.
All players are timed running from home to first and then from first to third. This covers area 1 above.
Finally all players are allowed to hit. Normally a coach will throw from an L-Screen and give each player 5-7 strikes
That covers the last area to be evaluated.

Tips for a Good Evaluation

Start throwing with your little leaguer NOW!!!. Throwing is the most basic skill in little league. You want to have 5-7 catch sessions in before you get to evaluations if possible. Hit off a T. Even professional players, all the way up to Major Leagues, start the season hitting off a T.

See you at the ball park

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