Softball Divisions

All players are placed into divisions based on their league age. League age is determined by Little League's age determination date. The Age Determination Date for a Little League Softball player is the actual age of a child  on December 31 of the previous year.

All teams, except tball, are formed via a manager draft. Tball teams are formed with a blind draft.


League Age Division Evaluations Draft
4 Tball - Coed No Blind Draft
5 Tball - Coed No Blind Draft
6 Tball - Coed No Blind Draft
7 Machine Pitch Yes Manager Draft
8 Machine Pitch Yes Manager Draft
9 Minors Yes Manager Draft
10 Minors/Majors Yes Manager Draft
11 Minors/Majors Yes Manager Draft
12 Majors Yes Manager Draft
13 Juniors Yes Manager Draft
14 Juniors Yes Manager Draft


All divisions except tball will be required to attend at least one evaluation. Evaluations are a basic skills assessment that mangers will use to draft their team. Players will be evaluated on throwing, fielding, hitting, and running ability.

Players who do not attend an evaluation will be placed into a blind draft. Players in the blind draft are not eligible to be drafted to the majors division unless they are league age 12.


All local Little League programs are required to assign players to teams via a draft once player evaluations conclude to assure divisions are completed. Having a draft is not only a requirement in the Little League Divisions and above, it also allows for parity within your league that will provide for a valuable experience for all players and teams.

All players will be placed on a team regardless of ability.